Sense of duty and love for their Beloved

” In keeping with my general instructions, news was recently given me of the death of R. and A.’s younger son at Karachi. I asked for full details … the little boy accidentally fell from the upper story of their house and died within half an hour from severe injuries … both the mother and father of the child love me . . . A. was present at the Meherabad meeting in September . . . he and his wife, amongst others, had organized the round-the-clock prayer or japa as desired by me for the period ending April 30, 1955.

“Before R. and A. could make arrangements for the disposition of the mutilated body of their son, it was time for A. to attend and maintain the continuity of the japa—this he did promptly, without a second thought … it was after much persuasion that R. allowed another to take her place in carrying out the prayer schedule .. . when I heard all this my heart was pierced and I felt very happy with their love…

“Even as you sit before me, some of you can’t help thinking or worrying over such things as money, health, etc. … those who are free for the moment from such thoughts are nevertheless susceptible to worry over the inevitabilities of daily life . . . just realize the sense of duty and love on the part of my dear R. and A… . I doubt whether I, in their place, would have remembered God’s name so well …

The Awakener, P17, Number 2,  Vol 3, Fall 1955

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