16 Aug 2012 – Don’t worry about thoughts – Just remember me

Meanwhile, Baba came back to Jal Villa and stood quietly next to Bhau. As his eyes were shut, Bhau did not know Baba was present, but after a while Baba tapped him on the head. Opening his eyes, Bhau was startled to find Baba standing before him. Baba asked, “Where was your mind roaming? God’s name should be taken wholeheartedly!”

Bhau replied, “I cannot keep it in check, Baba. When I try to do the japa, it wanders more.”

Baba stated, “Such japa is of no use. God does not hear it. But as I ordered you to do it, the responsibility is mine. And so on hearing it, I have come to remind you to do it sincerely.”

Then Baba advised, “Do not worry about the thoughts. The mind is not in your hands. You are repeating God’s name because I have instructed you to do so. You are following my instructions. That is what matters.”

Baba further stated, “When you are within a mosquito net, the mosquitoes cannot bite you, though they may buzz outside the curtain, and you hear the noise. You are safe from their bite and they cannot harm you. Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and if you fix the curtain of love and my remembrance around your heart, the thoughts cannot do you any harm. So do not worry about thoughts. Just remember me and love me. I am here to protect you.”

www.lordmeher.org, p4637

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