20121104 – East-West Gathering 4 Nov 1961 – Day 4 (the last day)


[Emphasizing harmony among workers from Andhra…]

In the end, Baba exhorted all present:

“Work harmoniously and forget completely the faults of one another. Remain steadfast in your love for and faith in me. I warn all of you to tighten your grip on my daaman, for the time is approaching when there will be waves of manifestation of love for me from all quarters. The time will come when even my old lovers will be pushed aside by the waves of new lovers coming closer to me in their love for me.

Therefore, it is best to sink all differences and to remain very close to me with a very firm grip on my daaman. I am the Ancient One.”

—www.lordmeher.org, p6025


… he asked Harry Kenmore to recite the Prayer of Repentance. “You should all pay attention to this prayer in my presence,” Baba urged. “I want you to forget and forgive everything of the past and start a new chapter in life!” Everyone in the crowd stood as the prayer was recited.


As thousands filed past Baba, Bernard Bruford of Australia was struck by “Baba’s economy of love and energy.” Baba would make everyone feel that they were special; when he would greet someone, he would give that man or woman his full attention. The moment that person bowed and lowered his eyes, Baba would greet someone else, but when the person raised his head and looked up, Baba would always be ready and look at the man or woman again. Each felt his or her welcome was special and exclusive. “It was like clockwork,” said Bruford. “I was intrigued watching this for hours.” And, if Baba did not turn back, it was always when the person bowing did not look back up at him before moving on.”


John Haynes was going back home to New York early with Don Stevens and some of the ballet dancers. He had been wondering how Baba could love each of them as individuals. It seemed incredible when so many thousands loved him, that Baba knew each of their souls and they were not just one of the masses. John decided to test Baba. He wanted some kind of sign, some proof, some confirmation that he counted in Baba’s heart.

As the crowd was pressing toward the exits, Baba was leaning over listening to Eruch. John Haynes was near the door. In the middle of this throng of humanity pushing its way out of the pandal, wanting to see whether Baba would say goodbye to him, Haynes raised his hand and waved back and forth. Just then the crowd separated momentarily and Baba turned, smiled and gestured his sign of perfection. He had been turned the other way just seconds before. John burst into tears because Baba had given him exactly what he wanted.


With the sweet memory of this unique gathering filling their minds, and with their hearts laden with the richness of the Beloved’s presence, all began leaving the grounds of Guruprasad. Only one tender echo was heard emanating from them:

“Baba … Baba … Baba … Baba!
When will we meet again?”

—www.lordmeher.org, p6031

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