20121116 – Who is Meher Baba?


Baba then asked, “If someone asked you who is Meher Baba, what would you say?”

Nadine Tolstoy answered, “God!”

Norina Matchabelli said, “The God-Man!”

Baba concurred, “Not God, but God-Man. God-Man is more than God! God is absolute. One who manifests the absolute is the God-Man.

“The person who is one with God is Man-God; it is wrong to say just God. Jivatma means man; mahatma means pilgrim on the path; Paramatma means God. When Jivatma becomes one with Paramatma, man is called Shivatma. Paramatma cannot be called Shivatma.”
–www.lordmeher.org, p2658

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