20121127 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 2

Abdulla Pakrawan had experienced Meher Baba’s love. Abdulla’s inner experience was unique among the Prem Ashram boys. The following is his account of what happened to him when the Master lifted him to the sixth plane of consciousness:

One day, at the end of a discourse, Baba looked deeply into the faces of each child, one by one, and remarked, “Those whom I find worthy I shall attract to the mistress of love, and I shall offer them the elixir of life. Children, only Truth is real – all else is worthless.” Although I did not have the strength to look into Baba’s radiant countenance and lowered my eyes, he glanced at me, addressing me thus: “Try and be diligent; I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloy.”

The profound effect that his remark had upon me put me in a most bewildered state during that night and the next day. While playing field hockey, my schoolmates were puzzled as they noticed my manner of standing, running, and also the color of my face change.

At lunch, after taking a few morsels, I suddenly felt a change overtaking me. I began to feel extraordinary heat and everything began to get dark around me – things actually began to vanish. Suddenly, beyond my own volition, a weeping welled up from the depth of my being and I began to wail. Within moments, I lost all consciousness of the people surrounding me and became insensible. After a short while, I found myself conscious again, repeating, “I am far. I am far. Where is He? And where am I?”

–www.lordmeher.org, p1042

(Photo courtesy: Lord Meher)

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