Surrender every thought and act at the feet of Master


Meanwhile Baba had assigned different duties to Jal Kerawalla, among them being to find a good boy and bring him to Baba. Jal would daily bring one boy after another, all of whom Baba would feed and give new clothes to, and then return to Jal. This saddened Jal, who thought himself a failure in meeting Baba’s requirements. He had no idea that Baba’s work was something quite different, which he was doing while feeding and clothing the boys. Once, when questioned about the work done with the various types of boys who had come to him, Baba remarked, “Through them I am working with the youth of the future.”

On the 5th, Baba repeated to Jal what he had earlier told Keki:

“Always remain detached toward results. The result of something may be good or bad, but you should be detached from both. Like Ramakrishna, dedicate everything to your Master.

Let not the dirt of the sanskaras of your thoughts and deeds touch you, by surrendering every thought and act at the feet of your guru. As a dhobi [laundryman] washes and cleanses clothes, in the same way, I remove all the dirt which has stuck to you through your thoughts and actions.

Just continue doing as I say. If you put in your best efforts, there is no cause to worry…” , p1973
May, 1939; Blue Bus tours

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