20130103 – Baba saves Krishna- Part 1

FROM THE TIME he joined Baba during the early 1940s in Bangalore, Krishna Nair had been doing night watch by Baba’s side. But from Satara, Baba sent him back to his home in Kerala. One day in March 1957, at 3:00 P.M. when Bhau went to Baba for his watch, Baba asked, “Do you know Krishna’s address?”

Bhau replied, “No, but I have heard he is in Bombay.”

Baba looked serious and asked, “I must send him an important telegram. How can it be sent?”

Bhau replied, “Sohrabji Siganporia (the secretary of the Bombay Centre) may be aware of Krishna’s whereabouts. If a telegram is sent to him, he will inform Krishna.”

Baba then dictated this telegram: “Don’t worry. I am with you. I will never abandon you. Love, Baba.”

He instructed Bhau to send it at once. Coming out of Baba’s room, Bhau learned that the boy who daily carried messages and mail to Ahmednagar had already left for town. Bhau returned to Baba and informed him. Baba was extremely distraught and gestured, “If he has left, then another boy should have been sent. How can I trust you now? You are useless! You don’t understand the significance of my work. I said at once, and I meant at once!”

The fact was that the other servant boys were under Kaka Baria’s reign, and Kaka was the type of man who was so strict in his manner with the other mandali that they dared not even talk with these boys.

Baba tore the paper that the telegram was written on into pieces and continued to reproach Bhau. The barrage of rebukes lasted in one form or another until 5:00 P.M., when he dictated another telegram for Krishna: “You are dear to me. Have courage. Everything will be all right.”

Bhau was ordered to send it immediately with another boy. But when Bhau asked Kaka to tell another boy to take the telegram to town, Kaka lashed at him. “The other boy has gone to bring milk,” he snapped. “Do you expect me to take the telegram? Why didn’t you send it with the errand boy this morning?”

Bhau returned to Baba and reported the mishap. This further upset him, and for two hours he ranted and raved at Bhau, who had to listen to Baba’s tirade of choice abuses.

–www.lordmeher.org, p5151-5153

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