20130112 – Great courage is required to assimilate my blessing – Part-1

Vishnu Chavan also came to meet Baba. Although he had been in Baba’s contact for years, Baba did not see him. In fact, none of the Poona lovers were permitted to see Baba, since he was still in seclusion. But Chavan persisted and sent word to Baba that he did not desire anything except his blessing. So, for the purpose of receiving his blessing, Baba instructed him to go to Meherabad. This episode with Chavan proved to be a profound story.

On the appointed date, Chavan went to Meherabad and then came to Meherazad, where Baba was staying. Baba warned him, “To digest my blessing is infinitely difficult. You do not understand the meaning of it. You do not know what it is. You will have to face tremendous hardships. Do you know what my grace means? You will be stripped of everything you own! You will be on the streets! Those who dare to seek and are privileged to receive my grace are stripped of everything. They have no roof over their heads. They wear only loincloths.”

Baba again warned him, “Great courage is required to assimilate my blessing. So don’t ask for it. Ask for something else.”

“I only want your blessing,” Chavan insisted.

Baba then solemnly motioned, “All right, take it. I give you my blessing.” And with it, Chavan left to return to Poona. In a short time, true to Baba’s words, he fell on very hard times and gradually life got worse and worse. Chavan was married with a few children. Some months after this meeting, he found himself homeless and penniless. For some time, he and his family lived in the local Gadge Maharaj dharamshala in Poona. After a while, they were forced to vacate, and Turekar (a policeman) took pity on them and allowed them to stay in a storeroom at his bungalow. Months passed. Chavan, unable to bear the conditions of his life brought on by Baba’s “blessing,” contemplated suicide. By chance he met Eruch on a street and disclosed what had happened to him. The news reached Baba, and Chavan was called to Guruprasad.


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