20130226 – Kali Yuga and the White Horse


There is a painting by Marguerite Poley of a winged white horse (second photo above) on the walls of Meherazad. Apropos of this, Ivy Duce tells of the following incident:

“One day, I had walked behind the curtain at Guruprasad looking for Mani when I encountered beloved Mehera alone. I seized my chance and asked, ‘Mehera, I so often hear of a white horse in connection with Baba and would you mind telling me the significance of it?’

“She replied, ‘You know the vast cycles in time are called yugas in India and there is a symbol which represents the Avatar of each yuga: the symbol of the Avatar of this particular age is a white horse. Baba has told us that at the time of Rama people were rather good and the world was not like it is now; but He told His devotees and disciples that it would not always be so; that when the Kali-yuga or Iron Age came, it would be the worst and the most destructive in the world’s history — and that there would be much war, degeneration and depravity. The word got around and all the followers came and begged, Lord Rama, please do not let us in inmate in the dreadful Kali-yuga Age. So here we all are!”

“Mehera smiled brightly. She continued: ‘You know, Ivy, this is why Baba has called all His lovers here to Him, because He wants to fortify and protect His lovers in the bad times to come so that they can work for Him and spread His Love and Message in the new era!”

The Awakener magazine, Vol 9, Nos 1 and 2, 1963 – http://www.theawakenermagazine.org/avol09/av09n01-02/av09n01-02cover.htm#Next%20Page

First photo courtesy: http://www.meherbabatravels.com/his-close-ones/women/margerite-poley/

Second photo: Winged horse at Meherazad Women quarters

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