20130403 – Search for the Ideal boy – part 1

MEHER BABA’S continuous search for the “ideal” or “perfect boy” began in the Meher Ashram in 1927 and lasted until 1958. A search for a suitable boy for Baba’s personal work was inevitably conducted wherever he went. Over the course of these years, many boys were brought and all were returned, with the exception of one or two whom Baba retained.

And again, at this time in London, Baba gave this duty to certain ones to go out and search for such a boy. A few English youngsters were brought to Baba at the hotel. One of them was very drawn to Baba and he was kept for three days.

One day, the lad asked Vishnu, “Where is he?”

“Who?” asked Vishnu.

“That long-haired, dumb gentleman!”

Chuckling, Vishnu said, “He is occupied at present.”

“I wish to stay with him always,” said the boy.

“Why?” Vishnu asked.

“He is so very kind. I have never seen such a man. I feel like gazing at him forever!”

[www.lordmeher.org, p1746]


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