Assertions and conditions in surrender indicate lack of faith

In July of 1936 Baba wrote [as part of His letter to His close Western lovers about their stay at Nasik]:

Whatever happens, you should be firm in your faith and not let the criticism of those who are against you upset you. If you surrender, do not then assert, “Baba must take care of my health … Baba must look after my family … I must not fall ill … I must not die … Members of my family must not die, either.” These assertions would indicate lack of faith — the faith of a disciple in his Master whom he considers to be all-knowing, all-powerful. You can rely on me and leave it to me, but do not make it conditional., p1752
Jul, 1936; Nasik


“Trust God completely and he will solve all difficulties. Faithfully leave everything to him and he will see to everything.”
(Sparks from Truth, p4)

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