20130512 – Nature of mind and Meditation – Part 1

One day at one-thirty, Baba gathered all the Prem Ashram boys and asked whether they were having any problems meditating at night and early in the morning. Many replied that they were not, but Bhiwa began shedding tears and did not answer. Baba questioned him. After hesitating, Bhiwa answered, “While meditating, I don’t see your physical form. Many thoughts assail me.”

Baba consoled him with an explanation about the mind:

The mind is a terrible thing; it may be called a curse. Its business is to think and think – the more so when we do not wish to think of a particular person or thing. For instance, when you sit down for meditation or concentration on the Guru or Beloved God, other worldly thoughts of a thousand and one kinds, of which ordinarily you would not have dreamed, are sure to rush into your mind. Thoughts always creep in with their continuous onslaughts, for it is the business of the mind to think, think and think.

But the real thinker and meditator is he who would not pay attention to these thoughts and would go on meditating on the image of his worship, even amidst the strongest attacks. This intervention of other ideas is not a sin, or a defect, or even a mistake of the sadhak – aspirant. These thoughts do and will come as long as that terrible mind is there. The sadhak has only to persist strenuously to drive away these as much as he can and think of the Beloved – God. He should not give up meditation or feel disturbed or disappointed by these attacks.

–www.lordmeher.org, p1081

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