20130514 – Nature of mind and Meditation – Part 3 (Final)


To bring my image before your mind’s eye, think of me in my various physical activities – going here and there, discoursing, giving darshan, kissing and embracing the boys, reclining on my seat, listening to records, et cetera. And while you will thus see me in my activities, an image will surely come before your eyes. No sooner than you get this scene, let it not escape, but have a firm hold on it in your mind and concentrate on it with all your affection. Thus your meditation on my various activities will lead you to a concentration on my form, and you will then sit for hours concentrating on it.

Remember what I explained, call to me and keep me in mind, and then meditate on my movements, gestures, facial expressions and activities, whatever you remember. If thoughts interrupt, let them. Do not pay any heed.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1081

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