Love can be awakened by constant thinking of the Master

On May 1st, Baba concluded a discourse with the [Prem ashram] boys by stating, “Union with God is the ultimate state. In the end, the lover, Beloved and love all become one.”

He then quoted a Persian couplet:

“The inmost core of my heart is so filled
with the thought of my Beloved
that my own name and existence are lost
in thinking of Him.”

Baba urged the boys, “So create love and you will see your Master. The Beloved can be loved even from a distance. There is no question of distance or nearness. Love is required and love can be awakened by constantly thinking of the Master.”, p925
May, 1928 ; Meherabad


“Repeating my name is not enough. It should be done with all love and faith.”
(, p4836)

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