My universal mind is the central station

Baba suddenly asked one of them, “What are you thinking?”

“You know, Baba,” the man replied.

Baba responded, nodding, “Yes, I do, but tell me anyway.”

Ghani asked why Baba always asked people to tell him and whether it was better to “speak out” or to keep silent. Baba responded:

“Speaking out is better always. I have come down on your level to be among you. I know everything. I know what you are thinking and what hardships you have undergone. But by my asking you to say it out loud, you will get relief and be benefited. For that reason, I ordered you to speak, which is for your good. Even if you don’t reply and remain quiet, I know; but by your speaking out, it is always for your own good and to your advantage.

My Universal mind is the central station to which every individual mind is linked. So, wherever a person may be, I know what he is thinking and doing every moment. At every moment I know the thought of every person and the thoughts of the whole world simultaneously. Not only this, but I also know what you will think tomorrow or after 1,000 years, and I also know what you thought thousands of years before. This is Knowledge — infinite and indivisible — and it is beyond your imagination.”

–, p1354

February, 1932; Nasik

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