20130703 ā€“ The path to higher consciousness and the limited ego- Part 3 (Final)

The ego persists to the last. Not until all the six out of the seven principal states on the path are traversed, culminating in one God-Conscious state, is the ego completely eliminated and reappears on the seventh plane as the Divine “I” ā€“ the state of Christ Consciousness to which Jesus referred when he said, “I and my Father are one,” and which corresponds to the state of living in the Infinite and finite at one and the same time.

This is the normal procedure for one who works on his own initiative without having come across a Perfect Master. With the help of a Perfect Master, the whole affair, however, is greatly simplified. Complete surrender to the living will of the Perfect One, an unflinching readiness to carry out his orders, rapidly achieves a result not possible even by rigidly practicing all the ethics of the world for a thousand years.

The extraordinary results achieved by a Perfect Master are due to the fact that by being one with the universal mind, he is present in the mind of every human being and can therefore give just the particular help needed to awaken the highest consciousness latent in every individual. Perfection, however, in order to achieve the greatest result on the material plane, must possess a human touch and a keen sense of humor.

I eternally enjoy the Christ state of consciousness and when I speak, which I intend doing in the near future, I shall manifest my True Self. Besides giving a spiritual push to the whole world, I shall lead all those who come to me toward Light and Truth. This, in short, is my mission to the world.

ā€“www.lordmeher.org, p1643

[Press conference, Hollywood, May, 1932]

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