Train your mind to pass over thoughts & cease mental tension -Part 2 (Final)



Cease the mental tension. Train your mind to pass over thoughts. Do not give countenance to them until such time that you can surrender the mind itself. No one is doing it. When the mind is surrendered, there is no question of happiness and unhappiness. Because of the thoughts of the past lives, sanskaras are spent away. They come and go. Pay no attention to them. Mind is like a wound-up alarm clock. It will ring at the appointed time, but only so long as the winding is there. Let it ring and run its course, but take care to not wind it again by indulging in bad actions.

Still, if you want to die, die in my naad (infatuation) by holding on to me firmly. There lies salvation. That is real dying. Worldly death is not the thing. However, nobody has so far captured me. If one really catches me, I try to free myself. But so far, I have had no opportunity of freeing myself. On the contrary, it is I who have been trying to catch hold of you people.

Remember this much: the whole world is nothing but a zero, and everything connected with it is without sum and substance. Mind is the universe. Mind is the man, the woman, the beast., p1576
Nov, 1933; Ahmednagar

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