The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 1

Baba with His lovers who participated in the Hyderabad meeting (June, 1951),
Kohinoor Bungalow, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 

[The following discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind) was given at that time. Baba called this Manonash phase of work (from 16 Oct 1951 to 15 Feb 1952) as ‘The God-determined step’. Manonash work started at Hyderabad and ended at Meherazad. Speaking about the intensity of this work, Baba said: “It is like deciding to climb Mt Everest when his physical condition is such that he can move very little.” He further said: “I have to attain the zenith of strength at a time when I am at the zenith of weakness, in an impossibly short period – impossible in the sense that what could be achieved in four crores (40 millions) of lives is to be achieved in four months!”]

That same day, June 29th, Baba finished discoursing on Manonash, which is reproduced here in its entirety:

If you understand Manonash then maybe in February, 1952, if I am not alive, you will be benefited.

Don’t ask questions in the middle, because I will explain it as an ordinary philosopher. If you ask questions, I will have to explain the matter in a way which will have the impression of a Master explaining to a disciple. Understand the significance carefully and calmly.

Mind is never transformed. Ego is transformed once only. “Ego” means Astitva,  which means your very Being as the Real “I.” The transformation should clearly be understood.

Today you feel that you are a man. Tomorrow you die and then your mental impressions give you the feeling that you are a woman. All this is false. Mind’s attitude is changed according to circumstances, but mind remains mind, whether it is lifted up or goes down. Mind can be happy, and it can be miserable. It is the attitude of the mind which thus changes. Mind creates worlds, delusions, illusions, ad infinitum – but mind remains as mind.

Mind cannot be transformed. Why? Because it is not One itself. Mind survives by desires and thoughts, and it is made up of impressions. Ego is One in itself, but this Real Ego – the Real “I” – is now bound by the mind. And this mind which is made up of false impressions makes the Real “I” think itself false. Mind makes you think of birth, death, happiness, misery, et cetera, as real things, but nothing can be more false than this. You are now here, alive in the body, in your senses, and why? Because you always were.

Have you any impression of how you were born and how your birth took place? No. Because you were not born at all! Mind gives you this impression that you are here, there, and so forth. It is the mind which gives you the impression according to which you say: “She is my wife,” or “He is my husband,” and so forth.

Mind always keeps you hopping at a tap dance! If you knew that your wife, children, et cetera, are One, and if you knew that you never die, never suffer, you are then All in all.  But the mind is there to baffle you!

Mind says: “Beware, she is your wife; they are your children; these are your things,” ad infinitum. Mind creates such types of impressions., p2992
29 June 1951; Hyderabad

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