Removing ‘the dirty water’ within us



There was a small tank-like pond in the Prem Basera compound, but no pipeline to fill it. Men were hired to carry water from a distant well to fill the tank. They would bring it in buffalo skins, by bullock cart and motor trolley. Kaka supervised the work and it was completed on 22 March. Margaret suggested that the women be allowed to swim in the tank, and for some days they did. (Kaka and Baidul erected tattas according to Baba’s instruction.) The tank, however, proved too shallow and small for much swimming. There was no filter, of course, and after a few days the water smelled; so Baba asked Margaret to see that the water was changed. It was summertime, and Margaret had to supervise the draining of the pool and its refilling in the hot sun. Although the pool was small, it was deep in places and took a long time to empty. It was tiring work and, at times, she thought to herself what a bother.

Later, Baba asked her, “What did you have to do to fill the pool?” Margaret explained that she first took the dirty water out, and then refilled the pool with fresh water. Baba spelled out, “Within you is dirty water too, and I have also to take it out, to make room for the fresh water of my love. Thus, in different ways, I am taking out the dirty water from everyone. I am training you, so that you may one day dive deep into my Ocean and obtain the treasure.”, p2400

March, 1944; Aurangabad

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