31 Oct 2012 – A day before the East-West Gathering – some incidents

Guruprasad Bungalow, Pune


[Baba met with His Western lovers on 31st Oct 1962, a day before the start of the East-West Gathering, Guruprasad, Pune. Here are some anecdotes/messages of that day.]

After Baba embraced each one individually, someone asked about habits and becoming a slave to them, to which Baba replied, “If you become addicted to God, then all your problems are solved. Go on drinking the divine wine of love until you become one with God. It is good to be addicted to the love of God.”

—-www.lordmeher.org, p5975

God is so close to each of you, closer than the very breath of your life. You have to renounce everything, including yourself; then you will realize Baba fully. God is beyond religion, beyond love. When you begin to love God intensely, then you will know what real separation is. When you have the gift of love, you love your Real Self. The false self then becomes the lover of the Real Self. There is nothing but God.

Purify your hearts completely – not a stain, no desires, not even the desire for God-Realization – and just be conscious. That is the solution.

I have been telling my lovers: No ceremonies, just love me. Ages have come and gone, but I keep telling them that they should worship God with love, step after step within, until they find within them the Infinite Ocean. Yet, they seek God outside.

Repeating my name is not enough. It should be done with all love and faith. You should continue to love me more and more. It is true that man can become God just through loving me. Hafiz has said:

“It is foolishness on your part to desire union with God.
But if you are mad enough,
become the dust under the feet of the Perfect Master!”

   —-www.lordmeher.org, p5976

… fortunately the rain stopped in the morning on Thursday, November 1st. Early that morning, truckloads of earth were brought to spread over the wet ground. The chairs were wiped dry, and by the afternoon, everything was ready. Red ants were also discovered, and Baba informed Eruch to have the entire area sprayed with a pesticide, for although he had once ordered them not to kill ants, he remarked that “The love of my lovers who will be coming are more important in this instance than the ants.”

www.lordmeher.org, p5977

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