Act with detachment – Part 1 of 2


One day Baba spoke to the women about war:

I, as Krishna, ordered Arjuna to kill. As Christ, I told Peter to give his other cheek to be slapped, but the truth underlying both is the same. Haven’t people changed since then? People are not advanced, but they have changed.

The world now is going back to its barbarous attitude and so, over and over again, it is life’s changes. But what Krishna teaches in the Gita is divine; it goes deep down. It says you can become God if you love me, follow me, surrender to me. There is no other way. Disciples must do as the Master orders — not imitate. Arjuna took up his bow willingly and obeyed, knowing with perfect knowledge that he was not killing. Detached, he had to do this for their spiritual good — no lust for killing, nor duty, but pure detachment to do Krishna’s work., p2017
July, 1939; Meherabad

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