An illustration of the strength of maya’s grip


Baba had one of the mandali tell this tale to illustrate how strong maya’s grip is on the world:

Once there was a beggar. He used to beg in front of a temple, and as soon as he had collected 100 naiya paisa [cents] he would convert them into one pure silver rupee coin. By the time he had collected Rs.25 he was an old man, and realized that soon he was going to die. He was in a plight as to what to do with his precious coins. So he thought that as they were his life’s work, he should not part with them. They had become so precious and dear to him he decided that they should be buried with him. But knowing that people would rob the money from his dead body, he thought of a plan to keep the coins inside his body. He piled up the 25 silver coins and tried to swallow them all. There were too many and he had to clench his mouth shut over them. Straining with the effort, he suddenly died! Nevertheless, he got his wish. The coins remained tightly shut in his mouth!

Since he was buried at public expense, it was done in a haphazard fashion, and soon his body was eaten away by animals.

His bones with the skull (with Rs.25 inside!) were lying on the ground. Some schoolboys of the village were passing by, and coming across the skull kicked it and heard the jingling of the coins. All of them kicked the skull as hard as they could to knock out the coins, but it was no use; the teeth’s grip was so tight. They tried to break open the skull with stones, but to no avail.

So they took the skull to a wise man in the village, who told the skull, “Look here, man, all these people want to take your precious money away, but I want to add to it. Here are five more coins!” Upon hearing this the skull opened at once, and the wise man struck it from behind and removed the coins.

So from this tale you can see how strong maya’s grip is. The more you get, the more entangled in it you become., p4998
May, 1963; Guruprasad

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