The Unquenching Fire of Spiritual Longing


Baba here gave a message, “The Unquenching Fire of Spiritual Longing,” which Harkare read out, followed by Gadekar’s Marathi translation. The following is a portion of the message:

The life of desires is always and necessarily constrained to an unending oscillation between the opposites of joy and suffering, gratification and disappointment, good and evil. But in the very midst of the tumultuous pains and pleasures of ego-life there dawns, in the ripeness of experience and through the grace of the Master, the clear perception of the utter futility of desires that seek fulfillment through the false and the transient forms of life.

This is the beginning of the life of spiritual longing, accompanied by constant discrimination between the true and the false. When the spiritual longing is thus awakened, it can never be entirely set at rest or evaded. It becomes an unquenching fire that burns the very roots of limiting desires. Thus shall the pilgrim arrive at his abode of peace through keen spiritual longing., p2446
Nov, 1944; Nagpur

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