Analogy of a water-diviner

Giving an analogy of a water-diviner (a person who locates where a well should be dug), Baba said:

There are five types of men:

  • those who are water-diviners,
  • those who know the water-diviners,
  • those who use a machine to test for water,
  • those who begin digging a well, and
  • those who, in order to drink water, go to a well.

The water-diviners are the Perfect Masters and God-realized beings; they know that water (love) will be found in a particular area and they lead others to the spot.

Those who know the water-diviners are their disciples and lovers, and they eventually find water by following the instructions of the water-diviners whose knowledge is sure.

There are others who rely on machines (their minds) to try to find water.

Still others begin digging a well with no test at all — first in one place and then in another — following one Master and then another from place to place.

Still others do not even begin to search for water. They only drink water wen they find it in a well; in other words, they don’t even try to look for it.

Therefore, to be sure to strike water (gain true love and knowledge), find the water-diviner who is certain to lead you to it, and stick to him., p1073
Aug, 1929; Dhulia

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