Avatar as the First Master – Part 1 (The Avatar is the first master of the first God-realized soul)

In the infinite Beyond state of God, which transcends the categories of consciousness as well as unconsciousness, there appeared the first initial urge for God to know Himself. And with the arising of this initial urge, there was an instantaneous manifestation of infinite consciousness as well as infinite unconsciousness, as simultaneous resultants. Of these two seemingly opposite but complementary aspects, the infinite consciousness plays the role of Avatar or Divine Incarnation. The infinite unconsciousness finds its expression through an evolution, which seeks to develop full
consciousness through time processes. In the human form, the full consciousness strives to have self-knowledge and self-realization. The first man to realize God as one indivisible and eternal Truth was taken up into this realization by the eternal Avataric infinite consciousness.

The Avatar is the first master of the first¬†God-realized soul. But in God-realization the¬†full consciousness of the first master¬†became fused with the eternally infinite¬†consciousness of the Avatar. Therefore, with¬†the “coming down” of the first God-realized¬†man, the Avatar himself descended and
took an incarnation in his body. So from the point of view of incarnation, the Avatar is the same as the first master. This master had no master in the human form. But all subsequent masters have had masters in the human form to help them in Truth Realization. The first master could realize God without a master in the human form, whereas the subsequent masters always and invariably need some master for God-realization. The reason is simple. God-realization implies inner poise as well as adequate adjustment with the universe (which is the shadow of God) along with everything it contains. The first master (who is also the first incarnation of the Avatar)  attained both these things, because it is the very goal of the initial urge seeking fulfillment. He did not have a master in the human form.

-Beams, p27


“You cannot know me as the Avatar on the basis of the Avatarhood of Ram, Krishna and others. You cannot know the Avatar by means of the intellect, either. But I tell you all that I am the Avatar, and that is sufficient basis for you.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p3268)

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