Avatar’s all-knowingness and compassion – An Instance


V. R. Bade, an attorney from Pathardi, came for darshan. He wanted to stay in Poona for some time so that he would be able to have Baba’s darshan daily, but his finances did not permit it. He began thinking that only the rich can be near Baba, not the poor. When Bade approached him, Baba stated, “I want you to come to me daily for two weeks. Would you do it?”

“Assuredly, Baba. I was thinking the same and certainly will come.”

“How will you manage it?”

“Somehow,” Bade replied.

“I am arranging for your expenses for two weeks through someone. Accept the money without offering any thanks. When you can, repay him.” Bade accepted the proposal with tears in his eyes. He repented for his thoughts and received firsthand experience of the Avatar’s all-knowingness and compassion.

—www.lordmeher.org, p4543
May, 1959; Guruprasad


“People give their life for their families, their friends, for their country and nation; but to give it for my cause is an absolutely different matter.” (www.lordmeher.org, p3442)

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