Avatar’s Call – Part 1

Age after age, amidst the clamor of disruptions, wars, fear and chaos, rings the Avatar’s Call: “Come all unto me!”

Although, because of the veil of illusion, this call of the Ancient One may appear as a voice in the wilderness, its echo and re-echo nevertheless pervade through time and space, to rouse at first a few, and eventually millions, from their deep slumber of ignorance. And, in the midst of illusion, as the Voice behind all voices, it awakens humanity to bear witness to the manifestation of God amidst mankind.

The time is come. I repeat the call, and bid all to come unto me.

Irrespective of doubts and convictions, and for the infinite love I bear for one and all, I continue to come as the Avatar, to be judged time and again by humanity in its ignorance, in order to help man distinguish the Real from the false.

The greatest greatness and the greatest humility go hand in hand, naturally and without effort.

When the Greatest of all says, “I am the Greatest,” it is but a spontaneous expression of an infallible Truth. The strength of his greatness lies, not in raising the dead, but in his great humiliation when he allows himself to be ridiculed, persecuted and crucified at the hands of those who are weak in flesh and spirit. Throughout ages, humanity has failed to fathom the true depth of the humility underlying the greatness of the Avatar, gauging his divinity by its religious standards. Even real saints and sages, who have some knowledge of the Truth, have failed to understand the Avatar’s greatness when faced with his real humility.


Date: 12 September 1954  (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4420

(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3552)

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