Baba answers how ‘Infinity is bottled up in His finite body’

Many of Baba’s explanations to Niranjan Singh were written down and included in the book, The Everything and The Nothing. In 1963, when Niranjan entered mandali hall, Baba signaled Francis to bring a copy of the book for him, because, as Baba observed, “Through his questions, Niranjan was [partly] responsible for creating it.”

Francis handed the book to Baba, who remarked to Niranjan, “Look, here it is. This is the result of all your queries.” Niranjan just glanced through the book and put it aside. Baba reacted as if surprised. No shadow of joy or happiness had crossed the scientist’s face. Baba asked, “What is the matter? Aren’t you happy with this?”

“Alas,” he said, heaving a sigh, “what am I to tell you?”

“What is the matter? What happened? It is your questioning that has brought about this book, and people will read it and be benefited. Some will understand it, some may not, but it will do good for humanity — and all because of your questioning. Aren’t you happy about it?”

“Baba, that’s a different question.”

“What is the other question? What’s the matter?”

Niranjan Singh explained, “Even now my heart says that verily you are God in human form. I accept you. But this stupid mind causes me trouble. A terrible thing has happened. After visiting you last, when I went back to the train station from here, I was so happy and charged with total satisfaction. When I sat in the train, all of a sudden, something cropped up in my mind which totally confused me.”

“What was it? Tell me.”

“What to say, Baba? I don’t know. My heart accepts you. But this mind cannot accept. Since then there is no peace. What intrigues me is this: you say that you are Infinite Consciousness, that you are Infinite. Time and again you have hammered this onto our minds. But being a scientist, I cannot understand how Infinity is bottled up in you, in your body, in this finite frame that I see. That is intriguing me. That is the one thing that is bothering me.”

Baba replied, “Being a college principal and a scientist, that intrigues you. But I, being the Creator, my own creation intrigues me! What do you say to that? You have no idea of the things that intrigue me.”

Suddenly, Baba smiled and motioned, “Look outside. What do you see?”

Niranjan replied, “I see the chappals outside.”

“Just that much?”

“I see the barren ground.”

“Only that?”

“I see the trees, the fields … There are shepherds there.”

“Anything else?”

“There are sheep, goats and cows grazing. A farmer is plowing the field.”


“I see a range of hills.”

“And further?”

“Another range of hills extends beyond those.”

“Anything else?”

“There is a vast horizon there. I can see the sky. Clouds.”

Baba smiled and explained, “Your eyes are so small, so small when compared with all that. How can your tiny little pupils capture such vast things in the distance far, far away? How is it that all these things are bottled up in your eyes?”

He concluded, “Tell me how all that is in your eyes, and I will tell you how Infinity is bottled up in me!”

Niranjan Singh was quite happy with Baba’s explanation., p5048
Nov, 1963; Meherazad

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