Baba emphasizes love for each other in doing his work

There had been insufficient rain that year, and the farmers’ crops in Ahmednagar District were failing. Drinking water was likewise becoming a problem, as the wells were drying up. Around noon on the 6th, after Baba had returned from Ahmednagar, 30 Arangaon villagers came to Meherazad in bullock carts, singing the whole distance of about fifteen miles. They hesitated to enter the compound because of Baba’s seclusion, but hearing their ringing acclamations, Pendu went to speak with them. Coming back, he informed Baba, who called them into the hall at 3:00 P.M. “Tell me truthfully, why have you come here?” Baba asked.

They told him of the critical water situation and impending famine and asked for his blessing of rain. Baba replied, “Don’t worry; I will see to it.” He distributed prasad, and after ten minutes the villagers left. On their way back, rain began falling. Hailing Baba, they reached Arangaon. From the 9th, heavy rain fell continuously for three days, and thus a drought was averted.

…Five days later, on the 15th, over 60 villagers came to Meherazad to express their gratitude to Baba for the rain. Baba met with them lovingly. They garlanded him and he handed each some prasad of sweets. He asked some to sing and others to speak of their activities at the Arangaon Center. This led to points of dispute and disagreements that had arisen among them in doing the work.

Baba encouraged the different workers to air their grievances before him and to clear up matters between them. When he advised them to love one another, one man said, “It is so easy to love you, Baba, but difficult to love each other!”

Baba replied, “I know, but if you do that it will be a miracle greater than the blessing of rain that has brought you here today. Try your best and I will help you.”, p5088
Sept, 1964; Meherazad

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