Baba is like mirror



On 11 August, Bapu Brahmin arrived from Poona. In the course of the conversation, Bapu said something which so displeased the Master that he suddenly grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off his feet. Bapu was a stout man of 200 pounds and resisted Baba. But Baba kept a hold of Bapu and shoved him down the stairs, as if he were a weakling. … But, he [Baba] suddenly turned around and found Ramjoo obstructing his way. Instantly, he became annoyed and slapped Ramjoo so soundly that he was utterly dazed. Shortly thereafter, Baba was his genial self again. He began speaking cordially, patting the men on the back as he talked, while Ramjoo recovered from the blow.

Once, when Baba was in an open mood, Sarosh asked him, “Why do you sometimes get so angry with us?”

Baba explained:

I am never violent or angry. For me anger, pride, lust, happiness or misery do not exist. Nothing like that exists for me. But when I appear angry at someone, it is his anger that expresses itself through me. I am the medium through which both your good and bad show themselves. You see your own face reflected in the mirror. Whatever you look like — this is what you see in the mirror. The image is not only there in the mirror, but in the face itself. The mirror is unchanging. If the face is not good, can it appear differently in the mirror? What you see in the mirror is your exact likeness — it is not the likeness of the mirror!

Using another analogy, Baba continued:

A ball thrown against a wall rebounds to you with the same force with which you throw it. The wall is always at a standstill — absolutely stationary. You receive whatever resulting force you use in throwing the ball against the wall.

In conclusion, however I appear to you, it is only your own reflected image. I am always still and unchangeable — like the wall or the mirror., p316
August, 1922; Manzil-e-Meem (Bombay)


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