Baba offers God-Realization




One day, while I was sitting near Baba and a singing programme was in full swing, Baba suddenly turned to me and asked, “Do you want God-Realization?” Overjoyed at this unexpected offer from the Highest of the High, I quickly replied, “Yes Baba.” Baba pondered for a minute and then said, “Yes, you will get it.” My joy and surprise knew no bounds. Baba continued, “Yes, you will get it if you repeat My name for twelve years without a moment’s break!” Foolish as I was, probably God-Realisation was not in my destiny. I replied, “It is impossible for me to do that Baba.” Later on, I repented for giving Baba this reply. If I had only said, “I will try, Baba,” my destiny would have changed. With Baba, over the years, we learned that one should reply, “I will try,” even if the order given was an impossible one.

-Dr H Bharucha

-Glimpses of Guruprasad, Dr Hoshang Bharucha, p121

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