Baba reminds his lovers to hold his daaman firmly

In a letter from Guruprasad two days later, Eruch conveyed:

Beloved Baba wants all his dear lovers to note that by November end 1967 there will be many new swamis and babas appearing on the world screen, and as such he wants all his lovers to keep away from them. Baba’s standing instructions to his lovers regarding such persons should not be forgotten or ignored. Baba wants his lovers to beware!

Baba reminds his lovers to hold his daaman firmly. As the time of his manifestation approaches, there will be circumstances and situations which might make his lovers lose the grip over his daaman. Hence, time and again, he sends out reminders to his lovers at the slightest excuse. He says the time — that time of which he has so often told us — is now right at the threshold of his manifestation!

Baba wants all his lovers to know that it is time they should know that it is not only useless to wander about from door to door meeting and seeing swamis and babas but it is also very harmful., p5271
May, 1967; Guruprasad

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