Baba warns against in-fighting and criticism among His lovers

Vibhuti and Babadas were active in informing people about the darshan several days beforehand, but at the same time were quarreling among themselves. Baba found out and took them aside, admonishing them severely:

“Both of you love me. To spread my love, you distribute handbills and messages without resting. But it is a wonder to me how you, who inform and acquaint others of my love, fight among yourselves! Whatever you wish to do, do it with honesty. Why fight and criticize each other? Humility is born of rectitude and precludes criticism of others. Honesty demands work without complaint, and leaves the result to my divine will.

Baba then asked both to forgive, forget and embrace, which they did., p2420
Aug, 1944; Raipur



“I bring out weaknesses because I love you. Be honest; weaknesses are there. You should not be afraid of them. You should be afraid of dishonesty.” (LM, p3452)

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