“The result is sure, though it comes slowly”



Every Master, who was formerly the Chargeman of the Master who preceded him,  has in turn to prepare his own circle, whose members have a long, ancient past connection with him and who in a queer way, flock around him in the age in which he is to give them Realization. There are just a few such persons—eleven` only—who get the real juice (which is Knowledge or Jnan); and only one out of crores and crores actually becomes an Acharya! (Perfect Master)

Question: Then why should one even try, when the chance is so remote and success so rare and difficult of attainment? It’s like buying lottery tickets in hopes of winning the jackpot, which never delivers the wanted result!

Answer: But here, unlike in the lottery, the result is sure, though it comes slowly. You do eventually get what you strive for—which is Truth. In sooth, to find this Truth is the ultimate aim and object of one and all.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p187
16-July-1926; Meherabad

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