Baba’s “warning” – Part 5 (Final)

When a man sees an ant moving on the ground, will he ever feel jealous of it? Both the ant and the man move on the same level on the ground, but there is a world of difference in their consciousness. For instance, the ant can never understand the intricacies of this machine age.

The ant, the ordinary man and myself move on the same earth, but there is as much difference between the consciousness of an ordinary man and that consciousness of mine as there is between the consciousness of an ant and that of an ordinary man! Even in the animal kingdom, there is vast difference between the consciousness of an ant and an elephant. Has an elephant ever purposely walked on an ant, feeling jealous of it?

One of my devotees expressed an ardent desire to see a particular mast of Bombay, while a few others appear much concerned about the claim made by someone else who asserts that he is the Avatar of the Age. This makes me curious why you, of all the persons who regard me as the Highest of the High, should run after other personalities?

Concerning this matter, Baba referred to and had read out an extract from a letter, wherein he had stated: “No one is to be blamed. It is no one’s fault. It was the original whim and the original urge of God that has started this divine game, which He can also enjoy at His own cost.” Baba continued:

I do not mean that there are no real saints in India. [He mentioned a few well-known saints.] There are some real saints unknown to the masses. Compared with the known saints, these hidden saints are far more advanced. In this respect, however, I want to tell you with authority that both the hidden and known saints have not realized the Self. Do not be misled by the use of certain words and phrases. If anyone addresses you as “Dear Self,” do not be under the impression that he has achieved the Goal of Realization.

The sum and substance of this long talk is that you either hold fast to my daaman and me only, or leave me altogether.

Do not make any compromise. However, you are free to pay homage to and visit the shrines of my five Perfect Masters — Sai Baba, Upasni Maharaj, Hazrat Babajan, Tajuddin Baba and Narayan Maharaj. Out of my five Perfect Masters, four do not have any representatives. Only Upasni Maharaj has a representative. She is Godavri Mai. She has a very pure heart and there is no equal to her in this respect. You can go to Sakori and pay your respects to her. She is very dear to me. She loves me very much. She is my beloved Yashoda. This does not mean that my five Perfect Masters do not have a chargeman and a close circle. Invariably, without any exception, every Perfect Master must necessarily hand over his Visiting other saints, charge to one man whom he makes as Perfect as himself. Such a one is called the chargeman of the Perfect Master.

Do not visit other ashrams or saints, because you cannot distinguish between a real saint and an imitation one. I also wish that you do not criticize or scandalize any person. If you happen to meet saints, real or imitation, by chance, you may pay respects to them. But do not run after them. If you have full faith in me, stick to me; otherwise, leave me now once and for all.

Baba asked, “Who will hold my daaman wholeheartedly to the end?” Everyone present raised their hands to express their willingness.

… In conclusion, Baba again lovingly stressed the following points:

It is a fact that I am God. I am the Highest of the High. I wish that those who raised their hands hold fast to my daaman for good.

There is no need for my lovers to visit saints. Stick to me even during the phase of humiliation. Spread my message of love among all, and become like dust in Baba’s work.

–Date and place: 19 May 1957;  Guruprasad (Revised 2014), p4167

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