Baba’s work: Two types of workers

There are two types of workers. For example, Keshav tells people who Baba is and what Baba says, and himself acts and lives as I want my workers to be in life. Then there is Dillipati, who also loves me in his own way, but lacks the qualities desired by me. When such a man, instead of doing my work in a haphazard manner, confesses his incapacity to others and tells them what I want them to do, though he himself cannot do it, because he is honest there is no binding created for him, and no burden felt by me on behalf of such a worker.

The workers should be bold and candid enough to admit to their weaknesses and to try to overcome their weaknesses before they attempt to preach what Baba says., p4274
February 1958; 1958 Meherabad Sahavas

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