Baba’s work: Unity among workers

Another difficulty in doing Baba’s work is that the workers themselves fail to cooperate. With differences of opinion prevailing, they find fault with one another. The result is that the work itself suffers. All this results from the workers differing among themselves while they dare to carry to people my message of love, tolerance and purity of heart.

But there is a remedy for this type of disunity. If the workers tried to act upon it sincerely, it would be easy. Real workers are those who, in addition to helping their leader, disregard his faults. In such cases, the workers themselves become leaders and yet remain sincere workers, too. If my workers follow this advice and cooperate with their leaders and co-workers, understanding that it is I who have entrusted the responsibility to the group heads, then Baba’s work would be done., p4275
February 1958; 1958 Meherabad Sahavas

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