Beyond Time ( A parable)

“I am beyond time, but when the five Perfect Masters bring Me down, I appear to be limited by time, and the time differs on different levels of consciousness. My work, to guide one and all to take a leap into timelessness, unceasingly continues on all planes. My time which includes all other types of time is quite different.

“For example, when I started observing silence, I said that I will break it soon. More than three decades have passed, but the silence still continues and yet what I said about the time factor is the truth. The following story will give you some idea.

“A brave warrior was fighting for a noble cause against a group of cruel soldiers. He cheerfully withstood the attack, with the light of compassion in his eyes even for those who fired at him. In the end as he was falling to the ground for his final rest, he noticed some ants moving about. Even while experiencing excruciating pains, he had a kind thought for the ants. So he swayed his body a bit to the other side and saved the lives of the ants.

“The delay in time that ensued in the fall of the body to the ground which resulted from that compassionate feeling, may appear too trivial a time interval to you, but it may be likened to the interval between the observing and the breaking of My silence. The purpose is to save truth-loving humanity from being crushed.

–The Ancient One, Eruch Jessawala, p. 177

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