Bhakti, Karma, and Jnan Marg – Part-2/2

He who advances by the karma marg proceeds along the same basic lines as delineated above, with one difference: on the astral plane he gleans occasional glimpses of the Eternal Power or Shakti of the Highest State, not Eternal Bliss, as the case of the bhakta. The people of this plane generally comprise the great leaders of nations to which they have rendered great service (through their karma yoga). When these same karma yogis reach the mental plane, they become mahatmas who achieve great wonders through the powers they have acquired on the planes.

Lastly, he who pursues the jnan marg passes through the same stages as those in the bhakti and karma margs do except that he experiences the “Knowledge” aspects of Eternal Existence. When these jnan yogis (as they are called) reach the astral plane, they win glimpses of Eternal Knowledge; and as they advance further into the mental plane, through their jnan (or knowledge acquired in the planes), they see the three-fold form (trividh svarup) of God, that is, they experience saksatkar (God’s immediate sight and presence). Earlier, while in the astral plane, they heard sweet melodies, smelt subtle fragrances, and saw beautiful sights invisible to the ordinary senses.

As you can gather from these explanations, all three ways or margs are believed to lead to the same goal. People who follow these different routes experience different aspects of the same thing up as far as the mental plane. Yet at no point in this process can they be said to have reached the highest stage of becoming one with Eternal Existence—a stage impossible of attainment except through the direct help of a Sadguru. When they reach this highest level, they become one with the eternal Knowledge, Bliss, and Power combined, though different routes might originally have led them to this high station.

“Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p382

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