Bhauji’s first meeting with Baba – Part 2 (Final)


Bhau had not a clue who the people with Meher Baba were, and he began asking each, “Are you with Baba?” At last Bhau met some of the mandali, but was told that an interview with Baba was not possible.

… The darshan lasted until evening, and when it was over Baba left for the Circuit House, where no stranger was allowed. Until nightfall, Bhau circled the bungalow in an uneasy frame of mind. All ideas of proceeding to Rishikesh were fading; he felt in his heart that the One for whom he had been searching was found.

Late at night he went to his sister’s home. She had been worried about him and asked what was the matter. But Bhau did not divulge the reason for his restlessness. Bhau could not sleep. He was about to leave the house at 4 A.M., when his sister asked where he was going so early. “For a walk,” he said.

… Twenty-thousand people assembled that day, January 1, 1953, for another program. Thousands of villagers, from where there were Baba centers established, had poured into Saoner during the past few days. Ragho Patil, Moti Jagan Patel and other heads of different villages had brought hundreds of people with them for the two days of mass darshans. Saoner was merged in Baba’s divine light. It was like Hamirpur all over again, replete with a raging fire which swept through the district and affected every heart.

Bhau tried again to attract Baba’s attention while taking darshan, but on this day also Baba did not look at him.

… Bhau continued to fret over his inability to meet Meher Baba, and that night was a torment for him. On January 2, he went to the Circuit House again, where preparations were afoot for Baba’s departure for Nagpur. Baba came out at 7:30 A.M., sat down in the car and was driven off. Bhau followed him. The car stopped at the crossroads near the civil lines, and Baba came out of the car and sat down. Pophali, Abdul Majid Khan and others had gathered and were waiting for him. Bhau also came there. Eruch began to tell the story of Hanuman. When it was over, Baba reentered his car amid loud acclamations, and proceeded to the Angewada Center, near Saoner. After giving darshan there, he left for Nagpur. Bhau also went to Nagpur, but he had no idea where Baba would be staying or where he would be giving darshan.

… MEANWHILE, Bhau Kalchuri had followed Baba to Nagpur, but had no idea of Baba’s whereabouts or schedule. He frantically roamed the city trying to elicit information, but none was available. On Sunday, January 4th, however, he read a report in the Nagpur Times of the programs held in the Gita temple and went there, although again nothing had been mentioned about any further programs to be held that day.

Fortunately for him, Baba was again to give darshan in the temple that morning. Baba came, bowed down to the gathering, and Mr. Kamath, an important social worker, read out Baba’s message. Swami Bhankareshwar from the Ramakrishna Ashram was also present, along with the mast Kuttawala (the Dog-keeper),  who had inexplicably shown up and sat down directly in front of Baba. When the darshan commenced, Bhau stood in line and proceeded to have darshan. But, as before, he had no opportunity of conversing with Baba, and continued to make inquiries about a possible interview.

At last he met Vibhuti, the man who spread Baba’s message throughout India. Vibhuti informed Baba about Bhau’s sincere desire, and Baba sent word that Bhau should see him in the afternoon at Verma’s bungalow. Only then did Bhau discover where Baba was staying. At long last he was about to meet his heart’s only Beloved.

When Bhau went to Baba’s residence that afternoon,  qawaali music was being sung. Baba asked him, “What do you do?”

“I am about to appear for the final examination for my master’s degree,” he said.

“What do you want?”

“To live with you.”

“Are you married or single?”


“What is your wife’s name?”


“Do you have any children?”

“A baby daughter named Sheela.”

“Would you obey my instructions?”

“I have come with that preparedness.”

Pankhraj was present and interjected, “Baba, he should know what you mean by obedience.”

“He knows better than you!” Baba replied sharply. “He’s an M.Sc. (master’s degree of science).”

To Bhau, Baba continued, “If I tell you to go about naked begging, would you do it?”


“Leaving behind everything, would you be able to stay with me?”

“That is all I wish for.”

“When is your examination?”

“In March.”

“Take the exam, and then come to me wherever I am.”

Bhau wanted to join Baba that very day. But he accepted Baba’s wish and asked, “Could I attend the Andhra darshan?”

“If it doesn’t interfere with your exam, you may come,” Baba replied.

Bhau had Baba’s order and firmly decided to join him permanently after his exams. His wife, Rama, age twenty, had Baba’s darshan twice in Saoner, and had also come to Nagpur with Sheela. Because of her own firm conviction, she did not interfere in Bhau’s decision.

–, p4028

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