The Bliss



“Really speaking, everywhere in the entire universe is bliss. It is all bliss, bliss and bliss! But poor, ignorant mankind cannot enjoy it, as man does not know how to enjoy it. The whole universe is full of infinite bliss, but disregarding it, man hankers after the transient happiness of affluence, influence, possessions, name and fame. This is all false and illusory, yet man runs only after this. It is due to his ignorance of what is real. One should try to acquire real happiness by eschewing that which is false.

I am bliss personified! This five-foot, six-inch physical form you see is not real. If you could see my Real Form, you would not be yourself. The limited human mind has not the least conception of this sat-chit-ananda [infinite power-knowledge-bliss] state. This state is beyond the realm of the mind. It is called the nirvikalp [“I am God”] state. It is the infinite bliss state of Paramatma or God.

Everyone is destined to attain this state and it is everyone’s duty to make efforts toward that end. Some persons may acquire Realization today; if not today, then tomorrow. Some may get it after years and some after many births. But at some time or other, one and all have to experience this elevated state.”, p1039
Jul/Aug, 1929; Dhulia


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