The gradations of spiritual life


The foremost and highest object in life is personally serving a Sadguru and complete surrenderance to him. There is nothing like it for one’s divine upliftment! The second is constant meditation on the divine name. The third is selfless service, and the fourth is the offering of worship [prayer].

Serving a Sadguru and following his orders to the letter in all matters is like taking a course for a master’s degree.

The constant repetition of the Almighty’s name, done with love, is like studying for a bachelor’s degree. Once one attains the bachelor’s degree, it does not take much time to attain the master’s degree.

Performing selfless service to humanity without the least selfish motive is like obtaining a high school diploma.

And offering prayers, observing rituals and ceremonies — the dry drills of religious injunctions or shariat — is like learning the alphabet., p663
May, 1926; Meherabad


“The path through the God-Man (Avatar) is available only to those fortunate ones who approach him in complete surrender and unswerving faith.”
(, p3201)



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