Deeper surrender to the beloved’s will

If a person is caught in a quagmire he instinctively tries every means to get out of it, but the very effort he makes thrusts him deeper into it. The more he struggles, the further in he sinks. Help must come to him then from someone who stands on firm ground, and who can only be of help when the struggling man has ceased to struggle long enough to look about for aid.

There is a certain similarity between this situation and the case of the individual who has surrendered his life to the master. The false, separative ego tries its utmost to postpone its own dissolution by resisting the divine love of the master.

It struggles in the quagmire of existence, but each act of ego-affirmation invites a reaction of deeper surrender to the beloved’s will. This in turn brings with it the clearer realization of the master as being none other than the irresistible truth that is the Self of all selves, and the one reality in the apparent multiplicity of individual souls.

Truth-realization is born of such complete surrender to the engulfing love of God, of which the master is the physical symbol and the channel.

-Listen Humanity, p125

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