Determination to follow Baba’s wish


During this period, Rustom Kaka Hathidaru’s wife Silla (nicknamed Kaku) had been ill for six months. When she received the Master’s May circular, she resolved to fast for one month. The doctor was against her doing so, but she was determined. Baba unexpectedly visited her one day and gave Rustom instructions about her treatment. Rustom said, “Silla wants to fast for a month.”

“Would she be able to?” Baba inquired.

“Yes, Baba, I will,” she bravely replied.

“You will die,” Baba warned.

“If I die by following your order, it would be my good fortune,” Silla stated.

Smiling, Baba left her without saying anything more. Silla fasted and thereafter recovered her health., p2647
May, 1948; Ahmedbagar

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