“Do not leave room for the mind to play its tricks”

Neurgaonkar informed Baba about his resolve to observe silence for several days. He asked Baba whether, during that period, he could make exceptions by speaking only about God. Baba did not approve of this and stated:

Silence means silence. If you want to observe it, observe it thoroughly. Do not leave room for the mind to play its tricks. Mind always creates obstacles in your one-pointed resolve. Its ways are very elusive. In the beginning, you will speak about God or spirituality, but in the guise of this desire, mind will soon make you feel fed up with your silence. Then, indirectly, you will go on expecting others to come to you and converse with you about God. It is not impossible for the tricky nature of the mind to induce you into creating such situations.

While observing silence, let the mind remain silent. It is this silence for which the outward silence is to be helpful. We see many dumb children, but of what avail is their silence? Put your heart and soul in your anticipated meditation and observance of silence and I am there – there in you – to help.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4651
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad

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