“Don’t feel anxious. Do your best”

The next morning, Baba called Pendu and said in a very serious tone, “I am giving you two more weeks to complete the work [construction of Meher Retreat]. It must be finished by August 25… I am coming [to Meherabad] on the 25th whether you have finished or not!”

Pendu looked somewhat worried and Baba urged him, “Be brave! Don’t feel dejected or despondent with difficulties and inconveniences. Face it all — that’s manliness, that’s heroism.

“I don’t like things to go smoothly or easily,” Baba continued. “There is no credit in doing things easily. One must experience resistance, difficulties, and pass through awkward situations. These are real tests and bring out the best and worst in men. The more opposition you have from maya, the more you should resist and face it with fierce determination. Don’t feel anxious. Do your best.”

Pendu accepted Baba’s terms and thought: “If I work wholeheartedly, Baba will surely help me.”

Pendu arranged a day and a night shift, and had a tea stall opened to keep the workers (mostly from Arangaon Village) fortified. Pendu himself brought his clothes and bedding up the hill and never came down, even once, during the ensuing two weeks. He stopped taking baths and his meals were sent up to him. Everything was done at a breakneck pace.

The days went by quickly, and the work [ on the hill was nearly completed…The work was finished by 4:30 A.M. [25 August] Pendu went down to lower Meherabad and handed over the keys of the new buildings to Padri, telling him to give Baba the keys when he came. Pendu had not slept for days and was exhausted. He went to his room and tried to sleep, but thoughts kept him awake as he reviewed each building, trying to remember anything left undone.

Accompanied by all the Eastern and Western women, Baba shifted everyone to Meherabad Hill, arriving promptly at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday, 25 August 1938. Baba was so pleased that, before assigning the Western women their quarters, he came back down to congratulate Pendu. Smiling, Baba embraced and kissed him, indicating to him how immensely happy he was, how pleased with the work. “I came again specially to see you. The Westerners are still standing outside with their luggage waiting for me, but first I had to see you.”

-Extracted from www.lordmeher.org, pages 1934 and 1937
August, 1938; Meherabad

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