“Don’t worry! Worry accumulates and increases in strength”


Don’t worry! Worry accumulates and increases in strength, becomes a habit long after the original cause has ceased to be. [He asked one man his age.] When you were young, this and that happened; you cried, you felt sad and worry began. And after 50 years you still worry, although the time when worry began in you has gone. If another 50 years passes, you could at the end of that time be still worrying about something which was happening now. It is crazy.

You worry now about some condition, yet you have experienced all conditions. You have been blind, sick, poor, old, young, beautiful, ugly. You worry about your children — you have had numberless children, and they have had numberless parents and children. You worry about your job — you have been in every sort of occupation. You worry about your wife — you have had so many wives. You have been everything and experienced all conditions, and yet you worry about the slightest thing that happens to you.

www.lordmeher.org, p4095
Aug, 1956; Australia

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