East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: The reminder of the 21 points

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Eruch continued the 21 points:

8. To achieve the God-state, do absolutely nothing while doing everything.

“Harry, isn’t it true?” Baba asked.
“Everything is done by doing nothing,” Kenmore opined.
“You are not to do anything but become the dust-like aspirant, leaving all to the Perfect Master,” Baba interjected.

9. To find God, you must find yourself lost to yourself.

10. To be infinitely conscious, you consciously lose consciousness of yourself.

What does it mean? It is not like taking chloroform; you must be consciously unconscious of yourself.

11. Space is the gulf between imagination and Reality. The evolution of consciousness fills this gulf.

12. Time is the interval between your very first imagination and your very last imagination.

Yesterday has gone, today is today and by tomorrow, today will have become yesterday, and again comes another today. So it is eternally TODAY, NOW. There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. There is only Now – the moment, the instant – and eternally it is only this Now. There is no time. Again, time is the interval between your very first imagination and your very last imagination.

13. Where imagination ends, God IS and Godhood begins.

14. Imagination is an eternal mimicry of Reality affecting the shadow-play of illusion.

15. God is not anything comprehensible. He is Reality Consciousness – Absolute Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness.

16. The Realization of God is Absolute Consciousness minus consciousness of imagination being imagination.

“It is all a headache. Do you all want to hear this? Harry says it is very clear to him,” Baba gestured.

Eruch said, “Just reading it is a tongue-twister for me.”

Baba explained, “There is nothing like space consciousness. Here is an ant on the floor. You are all sitting on the same floor. The ant crawls up your body. But its consciousness is different from yours. What is the difference?”

Anita replied, “The ant is only conscious of its crawling, I am a little conscious of this room, but you are conscious of the whole universe.”

Baba continued, “There is a world of difference between my Infinite Consciousness and your ant-like consciousness. You are all ants before me in my consciousness. You are all crawling on my body! Although I am sitting here in the same room with you, we are really nowhere in space, just within God – neither up nor down, neither here nor there! You are ants, big ants, and you sting me all the time!”

17. To be ever present with God, never be absent from Him.

18. Do not desire Union with God, but long for Union until you go beyond longing for Union and long only for the will and pleasure of Beloved God.

19. Mind may die, maya may die, body dies and dies, but hope and thirst never die. Thus has said the slave Kabir.

20. Complete forgetfulness of self is to even forget that you have forgotten!

21. Complete remembrance of God, honesty in action, making no one unhappy, being the cause of happiness in others, and no submission to low, selfish, lustful desires, while living a normal worldly life – can lead one to the path of Realization. But complete obedience to the God-Man brings one directly to God.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4847
Nov, 1962; East-West Gathering, Guruprasad


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