Establish the internal link by obeying Baba’s orders


On Friday, 8 October 1954, Baba sent the following message to them. It had been given the previous day, and was the last message Baba dictated on the alphabet board:

There is no reason at all for any of you to worry. Baba was, Baba is and Baba will also be eternally existent. Severance of external relations does not mean the termination of internal links. It was only for establishing the internal connection that external contacts had been maintained until now. The time has now come for being bound in the chain of internal connections. Hence, external contact is no longer necessary. It is possible to establish the internal link by obeying Baba’s orders. I give you all my blessings for strengthening these internal links.

I am always with you and I am not away from you. I was, am and will remain eternally with you, and it is for promoting this realization that I have severed external contact. This will enable all persons to realize Truth by being bound to each other with internal links.

O my lovers, I love you all! It is only because of my love for my creation that I have descended on earth. Let not your hearts be torn asunder by my declarations concerning the dropping of my body. On the contrary, accept my Divine Will cheerfully. You can never escape from me. Even if you try to escape from me, it is not possible to get rid of me. Therefore, have courage and be brave.

If you thus lose your hearts, how will it be possible for you to fulfill the great task which I have entrusted to you? Be brave and spread my message of love far and wide to all quarters, in order to fulfill my Divine Will. Let the words, “Baba, Baba, Baba,” come forth from the mouth of every child, and let their ignorance be reduced to ashes by the burning flame of my love.

Come together in order to fulfill my will by taking your stand on Truth, Love and Honesty, and be worthy of participating in my task. I give you all my blessings for spreading my message of love., p3561
7 October 1954

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