The Eternal NOW

Through enslavement to the temporary and the passing, man¬†deprives himself of the eternal¬†and the lasting. Each moment with which man is confronted can¬†either tighten the grip of the false or deliver him to the Truth. God¬†is the only Reality and He is the fountainhead of all love, beauty,¬†peace and happiness. Even in and through the “fleeting now” of¬†the false, God is eternally inviting man to Himself,¬†affirming Himself as the Truth of man’s being. Those who dare to¬†see and love God in everyone and everything, experience Him as¬†the everlastingly immediate Presence.

Only when his mind is utterly detached from the false is it possible¬†for man to disentangle himself from the repetitive clutches of the¬†fleeting moment. Then and only then can he become established¬†in the “eternal now,” which everlastingly includes the eternal past¬†and the eternal future. The eternal “I Am” is an unfailing¬†assurance of the only Reality which ever was, is and will be.

The way to peace and fulfillment in union with God, the divine¬†Beloved, is a daring dive into the “eternal now.” Not by fruitless¬†surveys of the past, nor by elusive longings for the future, nor by¬†enslavement to the fleeting moment, but by staking everything for¬†God, is it ¬†possible for you to experience yourself as the illimitable ocean of love. Here and nowhere else is the final solution of all your problems. Love born in the Truth liberates without binding and fulfills without overpowering; it is a pure blessing not only for yourself, but for each and all, for ever and ever, in the “eternal now.”

-Life At Its Best, p56


“It is for you to hold on to me now and forever. On my part, I and my love will never leave you ‚Äď here or hereafter.”
(, p2574)

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